Faux Wall Textures

By combining the right faux techniques beautiful effects can be achieved. Two faux techniques were used to accomplish this paint finish above. I chose color washing and a rag technique, I found that they work well together.
 Color wash using a sea sponge has a wider pattern and the rag technique has a more complex pattern. The color wash was applied with a deeper glaze, over a lighter base coat. Then apply a lighter glaze with a ragging technique. Leave areas of the base to show to make the finish more interesting, allowing the tones of color too come threw.
 Create your own faux finish by experimenting with the different faux tools and colors. Keep a log of all your colors and techniques used so they can be reproduced at a later time. Learn and understand the basics before attempting more complicated finishes. In time you may develop your own personal signature that will be admired by many.

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