Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Update your kitchen cabinets with some paint, patience and of coarse knowledge. Would you like to have these beautiful, dark, rich painted cabinets?Well, you can! Follow the system I use and your on your way to having a professional look to your cabinets.The photo to your left shows wood cabinets which where completely painted and new stainless door pulls were added. The color of the finish is almost black, like espresso. Here is a supply list of items which will be needed to complete your project. Clean rags – lint free, ammonia, plastic bucket, 1/4 in. nap mohair mini roller cover and roller, these rollers come in a package of two,2 in. Chinex paint brush, 1 1/2in. Blue tape, vinyl spackle, small spackle blade, clean tarps to lay the doors on, 1 qt. of Benjamen Moore Advanced water borne alkyd paint, in the color of your choice, 1 qt. Stix water borne bonding primer tinted to the color of your choice or a med. to dark grey like the one shown below. A drill will be needed to remove all hardware. 220 and 400 grit sandpaper, vacuum and a dust mask.You may want to purchase de-glossing liquid ( instead of sanding ) ask your local paint supplier what product would be best for this situation.Note: I used a SATIN finish for this project.

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